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    Edge Computing – a wealth of possibilities

    Aruba Atmosphere, Split Croatia Calculations move ever further away from servers and central systems. Today we are talking about Edge Computing, which is necessary for e.g. autonomous cars that cannot wait for a response from [...]
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    Kaspersky opens third Transparency Center

    As with the two existing centers in Zurich and Madrid, with the new Transparency Center, Kaspersky will invite partners and authorities to review the source code of their solutions. In addition, the new center will [...]
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    These 10 megatrends define your life in 2025

    This is the second time that Huawei, based on its own quantitative data, combined with a glance at technological developments, is predicting upcoming megatrends. 5G, AI deployment, home robots and the use of smart assistants [...]
Kevin Deierling, CMO, Mellanox

The Network Approaching Platform Three

By Lionel Snell,Editor, NetEvents Media and analysts love to track historic aeons,­ like “the fourth industrial revolution”. According to Ksenia Efimova, IDC’s Senior Research Analyst, EMEA Telecoms and Networking, we are entering the Third Platform. […]