Edge Computing – a wealth of possibilities

The future belongs to companies that use The Edge. There are plenty of opportunities and this is where new businesses will emerge, says a Futurist to ITBiz-Tech

Keerti Melkote, Co Founder and President, Aruba. Foto: Lars Bennetzen

Aruba Atmosphere, Split Croatia

Calculations move ever further away from servers and central systems. Today we are talking about Edge Computing, which is necessary for e.g. autonomous cars that cannot wait for a response from a central server before slowing down.

But it’s not just autonomous cars that benefit from Edge Computing. Many companies can, and will, take advantage of the opportunities presented by Edge Computing. This is what Futurist Rohit Talwar told ITBiz-Tech at Aruba’s annual user conference, Atmosphere, in Croatia.

“The Edge is a place of opportunity, it can run your business, and it lets users deside what they want, where they want it and when they want it,” says Rohit Talwar.

He says there are five points that define Edge Computing.

  1. It gives users the opportunity to decide for themselves
  2. It changes leadership within the various industries
  3. The pursuit of digital innovation and excellence
  4. Embrace and embed ‘smart’ technologies
  5. New businesses and opportunities are popping up at The Edge

He said some of the opportunities could be seen as things like innovative hotels, where all humans are replaced by robots.

“It gives the opportunity to provide a personalized experience as a visitor. You can get a digital wallpaper that changes patterns when you want something new. You can choose your own view and so on. Anything is possible with Edge Computing,” says Rohit Talwar.

Other options are a stadium where you can get an overlay on a match, watch the replay whenever you feel like it, move the sound as needed and more.

“Edge Computing can also improve the patient experience, because now doctors and patients can be close together, even when you move out of the hospital,” explains Rohit Talwar.

The mobile is the interface

Aruba also sees the edge of the net as the place where things happen. Keerti Melkote, Co Founter and President of Aruba, says that with Edge Computing, we have centralized services in the cloud and turned it into a data center.

“Today we use the cloud when mobile, both as a consumer and for business. We implement sensors to notice the outside world, enabling us to improve the real-time experience,” says Keerti Melkote.

He says that where cameras were initially only used to see what is changing in real time, the new cameras can also see if everything is as it should be.

“We can find out if things change at the factory and thereby check, among other things, if everything is as it should be, and whether the factory is a safe area to work in,” explains Keerti Melkote.

Rohit Talwar says that these fundamental shifts to the edge mean that companies have a huge business opportunity.

“But we must also keep in mind that there are many things that have not yet been tested, and therefore we must be both cautious and flexible. We do not yet know what the pay-off will be,” says Rohit Talwar and continues:

“It’s about companies moving from talking about digital things to becoming a digital business. It is a change in the way you run and design your organization.”

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