First flying taxi ‘lands’ at the end of the year

It will soon be possible to rent an air taxi in Singapore when German Volocopter launches their first commercial air taxi on the market

German Volocopter has long worked with the so-called on-demand air taxis, electric giant drone-like aircraft that can carry up to two people.

VoloCity is the fourth generation eVTOL vessel, but that does not mean that there are three generation of air taxis flying around that you have not heard of. The first three generations were developed solely to test and showcase the technology.

The version that can be seen later this year, VoloCity, has got 18 engines, can fly about 35 km, has a top speed of about 100 km/h and can carry two passengers, including light luggage.

It should be safe enough to fly with VoloCity. It meets the standards set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

And now it’s ready to go. But just before it can take to the skies, Volocopter must produced an infrastructure and an ecosystem, including the landing platforms that VoloCity needs to use when it lands and takes off.

Reportedly, Volocopter is working with, among others, Fraport, which operates Frankfurt’s international airport, and they should also be ready for the first commercial, public, trial flight in the fourth quarter of this year. Hmm – maybe one should just take a trip to Singapore? It would be exciting to see such an overgrown drone.

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