Huawei joins international cooperation to strengthen cyber security

On August 1, Huawei Technologies joined the Paris Call Declaration - an international collaboration that commits members to collaborate on one of the world's most pressing and complicated issues: making digital products more secure, strengthening collective defense against cybercrime and promoting collaboration between all involved across national borders

By joining Paris Call, Huawei becomes part of a collaboration that already counts 67 countries, 139 NGOs from around the world and 358 private sector companies. Paris Call, created on the initiative of the President of France, Emanuel Macron, and UNESCO, counts among other members such as Europol, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Facebook, Siemens, IBM, Ericsson and Telenor.

As a market-leading provider of information and communications technology, Huawei invests significant sums of research to make products and solutions as secure as possible.

“It is the very foundation of Huawei’s existence that we always strive for better security,” says John Suffolk, Global Cyber ​​Security & Privacy Officer at Huawei, and continues:

“We fully support any endeavor, idea or proposal that can enhance the safety of using products and services – for governments, customers and their customers. Global initiatives that seek to strengthen the defense against cybercrime, including openness, transparency and international standards, have our full support.”

As a member of the Paris Call, Huawei will especially enter into the work of international, objective standards for testing and verification. Standards to be applied to all technology providers. By creating common, objective third-party standards for security testing of products from all technology providers, security decisions can be based on facts rather than emotions or political rhetoric.

Joining the Paris Call also highlights Huawei’s fundamental desire to work with governments, other private companies and civil society in general to develop and secure measures to make the digital world safer.

Supporters of the Paris Call pledge to:

  • Preventively work to increase resilience to malicious cyber activity
  • protect the access to and integrity of the Internet
  • collaboration to prevent interference with electoral processes
  • work together to fight intellectual property infringements on the Internet
  • prevent the spread of malicious malware and malicious techniques
  • improve the security of digital products and services as well as general “cyber hygiene”
  • crack down on online troll armies and other offensive actions by non-state actors
  • work together to strengthen relevant international standards

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